Sudbury, Ontario Couples Session: Carley & Cameron Embrace September’s Golden Tones


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When I say that this couples session was one of my favourites… I mean it. Carley has been one of my best friends since we were just six years old! Putting our friendship into words would take a lot more than just this small blog post. I love her so much, and am so grateful for her friendship. And yes — she is undoubtedly just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside! 

Carley & Cameron began their love story as friends; they connected really well on a friendship level, working together at The Keg for years and attending several functions and group hangs together platonically. It wasn’t until Carley left The Keg that they decided to explore their connection romantically as they were both committed to other people while working together. However, interest piqued strong when they were in positions to explore a deeper side to their friendship with a connection that they couldn’t deny. Carley & Cam’s connection and love is pure passion that is so beautifully demonstrated within these photos. 

A very important note about this session is that it was led by my talented mentors Ally & Nicholas. I underwent a year long mentorship with them, and my final mentorship session consisted of a photo session entirely lead and directed by them, with models of my choice, at a location I often shoot at. Ally & Nick are masters at their craft – with a heavy emphasis on connection, a couples session with them is a blissful and euphoric experience. They truly understand and know how to create a safe space for couples to be their authentic loving selves; you know, that beautiful, romantic, raw, organic side of your relationship that’s often saved for private moments. Ally & Nick know how to let that shine, and being their mentee, I strive to bring that into my own work. 

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Sudbury, Ontario Couples Session: Carley & Cameron Embrace September’s Golden Tones

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